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The NeoCon 2019 AIS showroom was exceptional; the food, magicians, beverages, greeters, pianos, cake, security team … all of it was so well done. It’s such a pleasure to work with you, Joyce. We value your relationships, professionalism, and consistently positive teams.  Everything was very well executed!

After months of planning, phone calls, meetings, and emails, we went to NeoCon to celebrate our new products and our 30th birthday – and it was so much fun!  We appreciate all you do for AIS.

So many thanks,


Thank you for helping us pull off the biggest, most successful NeoCon in AIS company history. This year’s events and entertainment were key and you made it all happen, flawlessly! Thank you for bringing my crazy vision to life, for calming me when needed and reminding me to stay hydrated. I am so happy to have met you...You’ve touched my heart and I view you as a role model.
- Erin


As usual, you went above and beyond my expectations and I couldn’t have imagined any better results than what you delivered. Everything was spot-on and you are a consummate professional and a true joy to work with.

- Rob L.



By Dianarose F (via

Joyce was our wedding planner for our wedding this past September, and we couldn’t have had a better experience. Where to start… - She is there for you emotionally. I didn’t realize how much emotional support goes into having a wedding planner. It’s not just the logistics, it’s understanding all the complicated family/friend dynamics and helping to manage them. She went above and beyond to help navigate these tough situations and make everyone happy. In another life, I swear she was a therapist. - She’s professional. She will always show up on time and prepared. - She is organized beyond belief. I am type A and she had my lists put to shame. After a few weeks in, I stopped trying to control everything because I realized, she had it. You can 100% trust her. - She’s well connected and respected. All the vendors she recommended were amazing and couldn’t speak more highly of her. - She’s personable. You’ll be spending a lot of time with your wedding planner, and you want to like her. I hope to be as cool and fun as her when I grow up. I typically like do include cons in reviews, because I’m of the opinion that not everythingggg could be 5/5, but in this case, there is nothing more I could’ve asked for in a wedding planner. If you want someone to be there for you for your event, and that means every day leading up to it and each day after to make sure every last detail is squared away, Joyce is your person.


Dear Joyce,

Now that the dust has settled, Jenny and I want to express our most heart-felt gratitude and appreciation for all of your advice, hard work, attention to detail, support, graciousness and input. We loved the entire wedding weekend but Saturday night, in particular, was simply magical. We look forward to debriefing with you soon.

Xoxo, J+J


Our entire family THANKS YOU for creating a beautiful wedding for Andrea and Jared. Your attention to detail was fabulous… and also the attention you gave to all of us whenever we had questions, concerns or meltdowns.

We are anxiously awaiting the professional photos and reliving the day in all our conversations. You helped create wonderful memories - thank you for all your hard work and expertise.

Warmest Regards, 


Dear Joyce,

I don't know how to thank you for all of your support over the last 2 and 1/2 years. Your attention to detail was exceptional and your even keel nature was much appreciated. Thank you for listening and giving good suggestions and advice. Thank you for helping me navigate the many choices and details and helping me make our wedding beautiful, smooth and extra-special. Your support was so comforting!

I think all the vendors did a magnificent job! The food was delicious; the wait staff was very attentive and accommodating. The flowers were beautiful, fragrant and plentiful, exceeding my expectations. The band was terrific, making the party so fun for everyone. Many people told me they loved the band and how dancing as they entered the room really set the tone for fun. Morgan also did a great job.

I saved the best for last.. Your organization was the absolute BEST!

Thank you, Thank you!

With admiration and appreciation,

- Cindy and Tamara


We cannot thank you enough for all your hard work and guidance to helping make our wedding night the night of our dreams! We were blown away by every single detail you walked us through and how well everything came together. Our guests are still raving about the wedding and our "miracle worker" planner. You worked so hard to make sure all the details were customized to mine and Tony's vision and we appreciate it so much.

Hope to see you again soon! Happy Holidays.

- Danielle + Tony

Dear Joyce,

Thank you for everything!! Everyone said everything was perfect!! It has been a pleasure working with you for the past 3 years (!) - a lot of my friends said we threw 2 beautiful weddings and we couldn't have done it without your help and guidance! You have such a great taste, such creative ideas and you always seem to remain calm under all circumstances... you have always been there to listen and offer good advice! Kinda sad the weddings are all over (definitely not sad not to have to worry about a pandemic anymore!) Guess there are babies to look forward to! Thanks again for Everything!


- Diane and Mark


How lucky we are to have worked with you to plan our rehearsal dinner. We loved every interaction and so admired your creativity and professionalism. Truly, we hope to cross paths again! Many Thanks!

-Lynne & David


What a beautiful wedding we had. Where do I begin to thank you for all you did to make our wedding vision come to life? We have received the most effusive thanks from our guests about the warmth and beauty of the entire evening. I can't tell you how much I appreciated your advice, expertise and great patience throughout the entire process. You listened carefully and created the most beautiful, joyous and meaningful event I could ever have imagined with every detail in place. To me - you have superpowers - and I really enjoyed the process of working with you. 

A million thanks! 

- Susan

Words cannot express how wonderful you have been over the last 13 months. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with you, and you made everything so easy, simple, and fun!

Lots of love,

- Samantha & Paula


Remitted with love and great appreciation!! Once again - you have helped to make what was becoming so stressful into an event we all are looking toward with love. Thank you a million times!
- Linda


The wedding was incredible. None of us wanted it to end.  I remember you saying that the beauty of having you as our wedding planner was that we wouldn't have to worry about a thing during the actual wedding night. And that was so true. You were wonderful.
- We loved working with you,





Throughout our journey, you helped keep us focused and on task. You brought creativity, the “voice of experience,” and a team of experts to make our celebration meaningful and a lot of fun. Most of all, you brought boundless patience and professionalism in managing multiple clients, views, and geographic locations...You are the reason we could have peace of mind in knowing our celebration would be fantastic.
- Laura and Bruce


This is probably the first bill we are happy to pay! You made the whole experience a pleasure from start to finish. You were always creative, thoughtful, accessible and excited - it certainly wore off on us. My only regret is that now I don’t see you on a regular basis!
- Robyn and Adam (Alex, too!)

Thank you so much for planning my Bat Mitzvah and making it as special as possible. It was the best night of my whole life (so far, let’s admit it, I’m only 13.) The luncheon was beautiful and the party was awesome! Thank you!
- Sammie

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